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Taking the Data Plunge

Taking the Data Plunge Not ready to take it to the next level and make the investment to licensing data? Don’t worry, we hear that all the time. For one reason or another, many companies find themselves in your shoes, … Read More

How to Use Collegiate Data Infographic

How do companies use collegiate data? Fill out the form to download this free infographic on different use-cases for data.

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Peterson’s Data FAQ Blog

1. How does Peterson’s acquire the data and how fresh is it at any given point? Answer: Our data is updated and disseminated throughout the year- ensuring that you always have the newest information available to the public, unlike other … Read More


Peterson’s Data- 2022

Cheers to another great year for Peterson’s Data and our clients! We’re excited to update you on our recent innovations and plans for the year ahead.  As we move into 2022, we are excited for opportunities to grow and thankful … Read More

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Peterson’s Data – Nobody Does it Better

At Peterson’s Data, our comprehensive collegiate data sets date back to 1966. Our researchers started by handwriting letters of inquiry to institutions across the country. From these humble beginnings when print was king, because well, there wasn’t really anything else, … Read More

3 Questions You Should Be Asking About Data

As experts in data collection and research, we’re often asked how to evaluate a data set before it’s purchased. Making an investment in data can be a gamechanger, but many companies can be hesitant simply because they don’t know how … Read More

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How to Use Collegiate Data for Your Business

How to Use Collegiate Data for Your Business Undergraduate & Graduate Data Use Cases Both undergraduate data and graduate-level data can help you propel your business forward. Whether you’re looking for places to implement new restaurant locations or retail stores, … Read More

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How COVID Shaped Distance Learning & What That Means for You​

How COVID Shaped Distance Learning & What That Means for You Even before COVID-19 there was a strong projected growth for online learning. This only advanced more rapidly once lockdowns were imposed. In fact, 97% of students enrolled in a … Read More

The Data Collection Difference

Data Collection Comparison: Peterson’s vs. IPEDS With over 50 years of experience collecting and publishing the industry’s most accurate and objective education data, Peterson’s offers the most comprehensive college and university data sets available in the market today. Here’s an … Read More

Peterson’s Data Collection & Research Process

Peterson’s Data Collection & Research Process Process At Peterson’s Data, we often get asked about our collection and research process. This process is critical as our data is used to help families make long term planning decisions, help students decide … Read More