Transform your college decision making with Peterson’s Data

When it comes to making informed decisions about college choices, having access to accurate and up-to-date educational data is crucial. This is where Peterson’s Data comes in, providing real-time updates and information to help prospective students and their families navigate … Read More

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Peterson’s Data FAQ Blog

1. How does Peterson’s acquire the data and how fresh is it at any given point? Answer: Our data is updated and disseminated throughout the year- ensuring that you always have the newest information available to the public, unlike other … Read More

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Peterson’s Data – Nobody Does it Better

At Peterson’s Data, our comprehensive collegiate data sets date back to 1966. Our researchers started by handwriting letters of inquiry to institutions across the country. From these humble beginnings when print was king, because well, there wasn’t really anything else, … Read More

The Data Collection Difference

Data Collection Comparison: Peterson’s vs. IPEDS With over 50 years of experience collecting and publishing the industry’s most accurate and objective education data, Peterson’s offers the most comprehensive college and university data sets available in the market today. Here’s an … Read More