College Cost Data

College Cost Data

For over 50 years, Peterson’s Data has been publishing the most comprehensive college and university data on the market. Educational savings, 529, and fintech teams at multiple financial institutions across the nation turn to us to populate their tools, calculators, and forecasts. In creating a subset of our college data, we’ve identified and isolated the key data points that determine the “real cost” of college. 

Beyond data acquisition, our team also supports clients in building customized business logic, in order to calculate for, and disseminate the data to their end-users. 

Higher education institutions regularly adjust the cost of tuition, room-and-board, fees, and books, frequently rendering information moot. Peterson’s data sourcing model ensures that cost data will be the most up to date and accurate data on the market.

Additional notes on our data:

  • Peterson’s Data collects more cost data than IPEDS, including estimates of books and supplies, transportation costs, and one-time required fees.

  • Cost data contains supporting information about the college or university, including public or private status, the type of student body it serves, nonprofit or for-profit status, etc.


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