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Undergraduate Data

Peterson’s undergraduate data includes institutional profiles on 2,633 four-year schools and 1,596 two-year schools. It is the most comprehensive and complete databases in the field of higher education.

While many licensees use the entire set of Undergraduate Institutional Data, many of our customers hone in on key subsets of the data as follows.

Peterson’s Undergraduate Financial Aid Database delivers comprehensive data for college-administered financial aid sources for undergraduate students. The data elements describe the kinds of aid these students receive at a given institution, and how much aid of each type.

Peterson’s Vocational & Technical Programs Database serves as a key source of information about occupation-specific educational programs at a wide variety of institutions. The programs in this database result in an award below the associate degree level.

Our Tuition Expense Data, also known as our Cost Calculator Data Set is a subset of data from the Undergraduate database that contains the tuition expense of the schools themselves.

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