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Undergraduate Institutional Data

Peterson’s Undergraduate Data Set is one of the most comprehensive and complete databases in the field of higher education. It features information highlighting nearly 4,200 two-year and four-year undergraduate institutions throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and a number of institutions abroad.

Undergraduate Financial Aid Data

Peterson’s Undergraduate Financial Aid Database delivers comprehensive data for college-administered, student financial aid sources that work with undergraduate students. The data elements included describe the types of aid these students receive at a given institution.

Undergraduate Data Tiers - Standard, Plus, Premium

Our foundational package includes 100s of key data points, access to support and development, and quarterly deliveries. Our Plus package is aligned with the Common Data Set and includes the Standard package offer AND 300+ additional data points.Peterson’s Undergraduate Premium package includes all Standard and Plus data points, along with exclusive service and benefits.

Graduate Institutional Data

Since 1966, Peterson’s has been at the forefront of collecting and publishing comprehensive data featuring graduate education. Whether it’s used to search for schools or research schools, our graduate level data is unsurpassed in providing profiles on over 30,399 programs across 2,424 graduate institutions.

Graduate Comprehensive Database

Peterson’s Graduate Comprehensive Licensed Data Set for 2019 covers 2,424 institutions and 30,399 profiled units in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and U.S. accredited institutions and units abroad that offer graduate and professional programs.

Scholarship Data Tiers

Explore our Standard, Plus and Premium Tiers.

Special Projects Team

With our full research and development team solely dedicated to higher education, our team of data scientists is ready to take on your custom projects. Peterson’s Data has deep institution relationships with colleges and universities that is leveraged for better insights and data collection.

College Cost Data

Beyond data acquisition, our team also supports clients in building customized business logic, in order to calculate for, and disseminate the data to their end-users. Higher education institutions regularly adjust the cost of tuition, room-and-board, fees, and books, frequently rendering information moot. Peterson’s data sourcing model ensures that cost data will be the most up to date and accurate data on the market.

Online and Distance Learning Data

Peterson’s Distance Learning Database is one of the most comprehensive and complete databases in the field. Due to the increased demand for remote programs, Peterson’s research team doubled the amount of accredited institutions in its online degree database in 2021, allowing a larger sample size for analysis.

Vocational & Technical Programs Data

Peterson’s Vocational & Technical Programs Database is designed to serve as a key source of information about occupation-specific educational programs at a wide variety of institutions. The programs in this database result in an award below the associate degree level. Typical users are those who need training, but not necessarily a degree, to get the jobs they seek.

Credentials Database

With its all-encompassing approach, the Credentials Database provides in-depth insights into diverse educational pathways available throughout the United States. The database incorporates a vast array of organizations such as universities, colleges, career and technical schools, private educational and training centers, government agencies, businesses, and high schools. Additionally, the database offers an extensive range of credential opportunities that cater to both traditional and non-traditional educational avenues.