Peterson’s Data FAQ

Peterson's Data FAQs

1. How does Peterson’s acquire the data and how fresh is it at any given point?


Answer: Our data is updated and disseminated throughout the year- ensuring that you always have the newest information available to the public, unlike other data providers that only release annual survey results. Our team is in contact with universities throughout the year in order to maintain the freshness and accuracy of the ever-changing nature of data.


Rather than merely scraping the internet for information, we deploy annual surveys in which colleges self-report their own information. We supplement these surveys with research from our data team and leveraging personal relationships to escalate the data collection process so that no data point is missed.


2. What data sets are available and how are they delivered?

Answer: As providers of the most comprehensive data in the field, we have multiple data set offerings that can benefit your business:

As of February 2022, Peterson’s Data will be offering an improved API that will make it easier than ever for your organization to stay updated and connected with your data. Every data set we offer will be made available through our revamped API deployment to free you from flat files and get your data on your schedule. 


3. How do I use the data once I have it?

Answer: Learn how to use your data with our blog post: “How to Use Collegiate Data for Your Business.”


4. What is the difference between Peterson’s Data and IPEDS?

Answer: Peterson’s Data offers more comprehensive data points than IPEDS, in a more timely manner, that is updated multiple times a year. We are backed by humans – that serve our clients around the clock and have personal relationships established with each institution to collect the data your company needs for any and all projects.


For a full, in-depth comparison of Peterson’s vs. IPEDS, please click here.


5. Is Peterson’s Data aligned with the Common Data Set?

Answer: Peterson’s Undergraduate Data Set will be completely aligned with the Common Data Set (CDS) standards, available as of March 2022. We will continue to grow this data as we complete our regular course of data collection through July 2022.


What should I do if my question wasn’t listed here?

Contact our Business Development Manager, Jack Tynan with any additional questions!